The performance – for more information click here – on the occasion
of the bicentennial of the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig
will take place

Thursday, Oct. 17,

to Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013

at Leipzig


Participating means accepting and abiding by the rules without further ado.


Minimum age of participants is 18 years.


The weather will be cold and rainy, the roads will be impassable.

If need be, we will camp outdoors.

No food or sanitary facilities will be provided for.

Each participant has to anticipate a lot of physical exertion, social rejection and an open-end performance.



Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013, 01.00 p.m.

Meadow between Borsdorf (Sachsen) and Zweenfurth – this is near Leipzig: see map.

Travel by regional train from Leipzig main station, plus 20 minutes on foot.

Getting dressed, checking lists of participants, handing out ISFL-badges and brassards.

Please bring bags bearing your name for your civilian clothes etc. These will be taken care of and transported to the final destination of the performance.

DEPARTURE:      03.00 p.m.


FINAL POINT:    Sunday at Lake Markkleeberg or Markkleeberg train station


  1. 1.As a volunteer participant I act on my own account.

  2. 2.As a volunteer participant, I waive of all legal claims or demands towards third persons or parties during or after the performance

  3. (e.g. in case of accident, illness, for cost of travel, medical treatment, provisions etc.).

  4. 3.As a volunteer participant, I pledge to abide by all rules as given below.

I. Accoutrements

Each participant has

  1. a.at least one artificial wound (plus artificial blood for refreshing it, plus dressing material ...)

  2. b.at least one or several pieces of uniform, historic or recent. All signs of rank and nationality must be removed. The origin of the uniform must not be directly identifiable. Otherwise old, filthy and broken clothes and shoes are to be worn;

  3. c.at least one piece of cloth usually not worn as clothing, such as fur, curtain, drape, tablecloth etc.;

  4. d.d) one item to function as a white flag;

  5. e.one item to function as a harmless ‘weapon’, which must not have   sharp edges, points or blade;

  6. f.a sleeping blanket or bag plus raincover for sleeping outdoors ‒ no tents!;

  7. g.a breadbag, rucksack, canteen plus provisions, best without plastic wrappings;

  8. h.a watch or clock with alarm function.

  9. i.ach participant may also take pen and paper for notes, sketches and documentation.

Each participant wears a brassard with a slogan from the Monument of the Battle of the Nations: ‘courage’, ‘strength of belief’, ‘strength of the people’, ‘self-sacrifice’, or catchwords from the French Revolution: ‘liberté’, ‘égalité’, ‘fraternité’.

II. Rules of Behaviour

  1. a.The ISLF must remain together and not disperse until the end of the performance.

  2. b.Noone is left behind.

  3. c.The ISLF does not use violence.

  4. d.Providing for personal needs and sleeping places may be asked for insistently
    but peacefully.

  5. e.Theft is prohibited.

  6. f.Breach of the public peace has to be avoided.

  7. g.Verbal attacks, threats, offensive behaviour and personal insults are prohibited.

  8. h.Private property used for farming or other purposes must not be damaged.

  9. i.We will propose our common route and places of rendezvous –
    none is obliged to obey.

It is strictly forbidden to carry

- weapons of all kinds;

- sharp or pointy items incl. sewing needles, forks, pocket knives, nail scissors etc.;

- psychedelic drugs;

- photo or video cameras (photographic documentation will be provided for).